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To me the body is not just a thing or an ornament. It is a living expression of who you are. In order to reach enlightenment or at least a balanced and content life, we must work with the body. Listen to it/her/him. Experience it/her/him. And fully live in it. Decorate, construct and deconstruct, relax, light a fire sometimes, clean it and just become the living expression of who you are.
To me Yoga and spirituality are not something you do or experience. You live it. Every day, every single second. I want to invite you to join me on this path. It is a constant journey and I am excited to get to know you.

01 Movement

Jupiter Yoga
every Thursday in Saarbrücken. To register put your name down on doodle.
Please note that there is very limited space. If you can not come to class please remove your name so others can take part.

Trial Session (90min): 10€

10 Classes Card: 120€

Private Session incl. Analysis: 60€

Sadhana* Creation and Support over 40days: 250€


Ist eine spirituelle Routine. Diese stimme ich komplett auf dich und deine Bedürfnisse ab.


02 spirituality

Spirituality as many faces. To some it means going to church everyday and living according to religious laws to others it is a totally different thing, They find their church in the forest, in little river streams, in the stars and in their every organ. Spirituality has no dogma. Religion does. When someone says that they are spiritual, what goes through your mind? Someone singing the gospel? Some Hippies dancing in the forest? Someone who follos Buddhism? Some "Guru" in a fancy robe?

Honestly, it is whatever puts a smile on your face that travells through the whole body. Those moments when you are n bliss, when you forget time and space. Whatever sets your soul on fire, you can find it within. I can not find it for you and neiter can a man in a robe, a proclaimed Guru. The only person to walk this path, to tend to that fire,to make it grow, to make it happen, is YOU. I can open doors for you, hold them for a second, maybe, but you have to walk through them.


Tarot to me is not about telling the future or asking for relationship advice. It is finding your strength and how you can bring it out. I can not tell you if this man is the "right" man for you but I can display ideas about how you can communicate best. Tarot is a wonderful tool, to find those hidden treasures and to encourage you to invest in yourself.

Spiritual Consultation

You have always been interested in the Occult or Esotheric but haven't found the "right" path to it yet? I am happy to share my knowledge with you and support you on your journey.

Energy Cleaning

Sometimes energy gets stuck. Just like those furballs behind your couch, your body, too has some corners like that and has to be cleansed sometimes. There are different ways to do that, for example Reiki or Pranic healing but also Rituals like smudging and Energy Protection techniques.


Circles are very special. They are a safe space where people gather to reconnect with themselves and others. It is not some occult or mystic rite where sacrifices are made (at least not in our case ;)) It is a gathring of likeminded people who wish to connect to others, manifest their wishes and let go of things that no longer serve them. Come as you are. All of you is welcome.

My longterm friend Marlene Charisse  hosts Women's Circles on New Moon and Full Moon

nights. She is a Doula and has participated in many inspiring seminars concerning Women's health and spirituality. The Circles are either held in my studio in Saarbrücken or online. Contact her on Instagram for more information.

I am also holding circles on demand. My service is not only for women but for everyone who is willing to participate in creating a safe space free of judgement.



Tarot (60min): 50€

Spiritual Consultation (60min): 65€

Energy Cleaning (60min) : 60€

Circle: Price on demand

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