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Growing up on the countryside and learning from my surrounding, mother earth. Always and forever.


English and Art to become a teacher, Landau


Internship to become a Tattooartist ("Tribal Moon Tattoo", Homburg and         "Tätowierstudio Hautnah", Landau)


The traveling years 

In 2016 I decided to let go of pretty much all my belongings, bought a camper van and started traveling. At some point I sold the van because I realized I did not even need a van. These three years on the road influenced my life in so many ways and I am trying to keep it short here. Mostly it was the countries, the landscape and the  humans around me who inspired me. 



A place I went back and forth to and I still call my second home. My first (and last)  tour with the Camper Van took me through England up north to Scotland. Being brave enough to do this by myself, having this kind of courage, was one of the biggest lessons. 

In Scotland I found my Tattoo Mentor James Aitken and attended the Scottish Tattoo Convention for several years in a row. This took my tattooing skills to the next level and I am still beyond grateful for this opportunity. 


Beyond Tattooing I did a Firewalk at Lendrick Lodge, a Massage training and a Workshop with Dr. David Hamilton who taught about the Body-Mind connection. Which is still has a huge influence on my work and how I perceive things.


Is also one of my second homes. Living in this country is a lesson itsself. I went back two times. 


One of the greatest adventures there was the Annapurna Circuit, a 12-day track over the Thorong la pass (5400m altitude), where I learned to put all my spiritual practice into action. 


I also loved the time I spent at a monastery in Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace. 



Tattooconvention Borneo, plus I learned proper Handpoking


Guestspot, hidden Balinese Ceremonies where no foreigner was allowed



Work with a Shamans


Vipassana (10 day silent retreat, google it and go there!!)

Circles: Drumming circles, Woman’s Circles, Eye-Gazing Workshops etc.

first Tattoo Ritual in the Australian outback


Personal trainer in Naam Yoga (which is influenced by Kabbalah)

Getting to know my voice (First time in contact with chanting Mantras)

Sri Lanka    

Yoga Teacher Training (6 month), Pranic Healing Training


1:1 Voice Sessions with Nessi Gomes


opening my own Studio „Tattoos and Rituals“ in Saarbrücken, working with     amazing Artists and Therapists.


Gestalt Therapist Training



Birth of our daughter Rosa 

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