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02 tattoorituals

I am a traditionally trained Tattoo artist who combines different disciplines into my tattooing. I offer custom tattoos and tattoorituals. Tattoorituals are ceremonies for individual people where I create a sacred space to elaborate a tattoo based on intention setting and healing. A powerful transformation, resulting in a marking on your body in order to manifest positive energy and achieve your goals and intentions set.



First of all I need to get to know you a little bit, therefore I need your DOB and some information about your current Status. For example "What are the challenges in life that you are facing right now?"or "Latest Major Life Change" etc. With this information and through a (tarot) consultation on the day of the tatto we can identify your intention for the tattoo and a strong affirmation.



The next step leads us to finding the symbol for you. To me it is very important that you are always involved in this channeling. Channeling means that I "download" your symbol straight from the universal source. Again, this doesn't mean that you have to get exactly this symbol tattooed. You are always involved in the process. Also, if you are not sure about the position, this is the time to find out as well through scanning your body.



This is not only about cleansing the skin with sanitizer but also to cleanse the energy field. It is important to activate and prepare the subtler layers so your body can receive the change. I use tools like sound, pranic healing and sage (and sanitizer of course..)



The symbol is usually tattooed by hand (handpoked), sometimes by machine (if the customer wishes to get it done by machine). The symbol itsself is usually not bigger than 5x5cm



After tattooing I connect the symbol to your affirmation and manifest it in all layers of the body.


Duration approx. 5h

Price per Person, Studio 500€

Price for 2 (Couple Tattoo, Friendship Tattoo), Studio 750€

Homesession Price on request

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