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To me the body is not just a thing or an ornament. It is a living expression of who you are. In order to reach enlightenment or at least a balanced and content life, we must work with the body. Listen to it/her/him. Experience it/her/him. And fully live in it. Decorate, construct and deconstruct, relax, light a fire sometimes, clean it and just become the living expression of who you are.
To me Yoga and spirituality are not something you do or experience. You live it. Every day, every single second. I want to invite you to join me on this path. It is a constant journey and I am excited to get to know you.
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Private Session incl. Analysis: 60€

Sadhana* Creation and Support over 40days: 250€


Ist eine spirituelle Routine. Diese stimme ich komplett auf dich und deine Bedürfnisse ab.

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