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every 3-4 month via


Every three month or four month there will be a newsletter when you can apply for a tattoo appointment.  For example I post "books open" in Janaury but the appointment will be for March/April/May. Please only apply for an apointment on that specific date and through the contactform provided. At the moment my books are closed. So subscribe to the newsletter here.


Other Appointments and Events

Latest Events like Tattoo Walk ins will be communicated through my Newsletter or on social media through @barsapparel

Consultation and Design

Consultation via Contact form

Design on the day of the Tattoo


Currently it is not possible to just pop in the shop and make an appointment or for a consultation. Except for Tattoo Walk in days, Walk ins are not possible.

To me it is very important to focus on the person who gets tattooed and I therefor want to keep the distractions to a minimum.

The consultation usually happens in written form via Email. Most of the time I will prepare a sketch based on our communication which you will see on the day of the tattoo. If this is your first tattoo or if it is a bigger project like a sleeve or a backpiece, I can set up an appointment for the consultation.


In general you will see the Design on the day of the tattoo. No need to panic. There is enough time to make changes! I have decied to not send designs before the appointment for various reasons. Based on my experiences it always led to complications because of other people's opinions. A tattoo is something special just for YOURSELF and it therefore should represent you ideas, not your partner's or your mom's.

Every design is a custom design. I do not copy other people's work. If you want to get a design which was drawn by another artist (like a friend's drawing etc.) please get their consent first!


Changes are always possible as long as it isn't tattooed yet! If you want to make major changes to your tattoo idea (for example you wanted a lion and now you want a muscle car) please let me know as soon as possible but lates 3 days before the tattoo.

Please do not hesitate to ask me for changes on the day of the tattoo. Again, A TATTOO IS FOREVER so it is your responsibility to speak up if you do not agree with something, we will always find a solution!

Walk ins

Only on Walk in Events

Currently it is not possible to just pop in the shop and make an appointment. I only take walk ins on Walk in days. For upcoming Walk in events please follow @tattoorituals on instagram.



I charge 50€ deposit. This is a partial pre payment for your tattoo. For example if the tattoo costs 200€ in total and you already paid 50€ deposit, you will only have to bring 150€ more for the appointment.

The deposit functions as a kind of security system for me. Sadly sometimes people just don't show up to their appointment without messaging. If this happens I can not give the appointment to anyone else at this short notice and therefor lose money.

If you can not make it to the appointment please let me know  5 days prior to the appointment. As always please ONLY CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL ( If you contact me through social media I will not receive it. If I haven't heared from you via email and you just don't show up, the deposit will be gone.

Change appointment

5 days prior to the appointment

If you can not make it to the appointment for whatever reasons please let me know 5 days before the appointment via email. ONLY VIA EMAIL otherwise your deposit will be gone.

Before the tattoo

What do I have to do?

My studio is a safe space and my priority is to make you feel like home.



Please read the consentform prior to your tattoo. Therefor it will be easier to eliminate miscommunication. For example if you come to the tattoo appointment and you are still breastfeeding, I will not be able to tattoo you and you will therefor lose the 50€ deposit. So make sure you check all the points.

Food and Drinks

You should be relaxed and fit when getting tattooed. Eat and drink enough befre your appointment. You are welcome to bring Snacks and something to drink but I will also provide tea and water (and most of the time some cookies).



The place where your tattoo is going to be should be easily accesable. Wear something comfy and bring warm Socks if it is going to be a longer session.

From expierence I can say that people get cold, when they get tattooed for a couple of hours. .Also it is recommended to wear dark clothes in order to

prevent stains.

Drugs and Medication

You should not drink alcohol 24h prior to your tattoo appointment. Other drugs are also prohibited. Please also note what medication you are on in the consent form. If you are taking Antibiotics for example I can not tattoo you. If you are taking regular medication please speak to your doctor about it.

Chronic diseases and Allergies

Please inform me about chronic diseases and allergies so I can make adjustments. For example Latexallergy. Again, if you are not sure if it is safe for you to get tattooed please speak to your doctor.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

You should not be pregnant or breastfeeding.


These rules are here to prevent miscommunication.


If you have really thick hair it would be great if you could shave it before the tattoo.


Accompaning person

If you feel saver with a friend, you are welcome to bring one additional person. Please do not bring more than one person. The person should of course behave reasonable and quite whilst tattooing. Please remember, a tattoo is a very precious experience for you and you should not let the accompanying person influence you too much.

Children under the age of 18 are not allowed. I know it can be hard to find a babysitter and I totally understand that, but children should simply not be in a tattoo studio. Even if you find a babysitter and bring them along I ask you to not bring the child to the studio. I child needs care and attention and I don't think he/she should see how his/her mother or father is in pain.

Dogs and other pets are striclty not allowed.


Please do not make other plans for this day. Noone likes stress or to perform under pressure. It is important that you voice your needs and that you feel safe and sound in my space. I am always open for suggestions like turning the heating up, opening windows, turning the music up or down etc. so please please please do not hesitate to ask. If you like bring your own inscense sticks and music. Anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Again please voice your needs and I will do my best to cater to them.


Tattoo step by step

  1. You enter the shop and someone will invite you to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee until I come downstairs. Just use the time to settle in and feel free to just take a look around in the shop.

  2. I will come downstairs to pick you up. We will have a little chat, so I get to know you and make sure you feel ok with me tattooing you.

  3. If it is your first tattoo I will discus risks etc. with you and you will sign the consent form.

  4. Next we will discuss your design and make changes if neccessary.

  5. If you like everything the way it is, I will prepare the stencil.

  6. Now we are ready to put the stencil on your skin. Therefor I will first clean your skin from any dirt and shave the area if neccessary.

  7. The design can now be put on your skin and you can check it out in the mirror.

  8. If you feel like it isn't the perfect size or placement or whatever, yet, we can still make adjustments.

  9. When everything feels good for the two of us and the stencil has dried, I will prep my machines.

  10. After finding a comfortable position for the two of us, I will start tattooing.

  11. If you need a break, we will have one.

  12. Once the tatto is finished, you can take a look in the mirror or I can take a photo for you.

  13. If you are happy with the result I will wrap the tattoo in cling film and explain to you how to take are of it.

  14. You pay and happily leave.

(Please note that the steps for Tattoo Rituals are a bit different. Check out the Tattoo Rituals section for more info.)

After the tattoo

Check Aftercare sheet

Please check the aftercare sheet provided on my website.


not always neccesary

if neccessary free of charge within 6 month after the appointment

Sometimes it happens that a Tattoo "loses color" and has to be retouched. Various factors can contribute to that. In general not every tattoo has to be retouched. If you are not sure please send me a photo of your healed tattoo.

If you feel like it has to be retouched please message me within 6 month after the tattoo. Please attach a picture of the tattoo and what needs to be retouched so I can plan enough time.

As always please ONLY send Emails, I will not receive social media messages.

If you are already booked in for another tattoo I can retouch smaller pieces on the same day if you let me know.

Retouching a tattoo is usually free of charge if you contact me within the 6 month. Exceptions are the following:

  • personal negligence (wrong aftercare, picking etc.)

  • bodyparts where I told you that there might be complications/loss of color and you still wanted to get them tattooed.  (Palms, soles of the feet, lips etc. )​


Tattoos on minors


I do not tattoo persons under the age of 18. Not even when their parents agree and come along for the tattoo appointment. Please respect that I can not make any exceptions. Please bring your ID so I can check your age. I know sometimes patience can be hard but at least you have something to look forward to when you are 18.

Prices and payment

starting from 75€ for machine tattoos

The price of your tattoo always depends on different factors such as size, placement, color and effort in general. Tattoos are artistic services and every tattoo is customised only for you.

Starting Price for machine tattoos 75€

Starting Price for handpoke tattoos 100€

Price per hour 120€

Rituals starting from 360€

Please bring cash, paying by card is not possible.

Sustainable Tattoos


Less plastic

I am trying to work as eco friendly as possible.

The colors and materials I am using are vegan (except for the tattoo aftercare ointment which contains bees wax). I am happy to provide you the names of the products so you can check for yourself.

I am currently also switching to a non plastic version of supplies which is equally safe as plastic (Eco tat). Sadly the do no provide all supplies so I still have to work with plastics but we are getting there.

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